Working during a meeting

Next time you are in a meeting, look around the table.  How many people are working on laptops?  How many are working on their iPhones, Blackberrys or Androids?  How many are making eye contact with the person talking and engaging in the conversation?

Some meetings are better than others, but every day I am in one meeting or another where several people are just not engaged.  Now it is true that they might be optional attendees and they do need to get work done.  However, it’s also kind of distracting.  Everyone once in a while someone asks a question of the person working like, “Hey Chuck, What do you think?”  Then Chuck will reply, “Think about what?”

The only solution I see is to have fewer meetings.  We should have a meeting about that.

One reply on “Working during a meeting”

The one that still shocks me is how many people at a conference presentation are sitting there on a computer. I know people think they can multi-task; but, I am sure the estimation is way off 🙂 I had to stop bringing a laptop to conferences a few years ago.

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