Wrist surgery

I am dictating this blog post using Google on my phone. We see how it works.

I just got back from having my wrist surgery to solve the pain I’ve been having for the last 18 months. I believe they call it arthroscopic wrist surgery. The doctor found two torn ligaments and a whole bunch of cartilage and crap on the inside that shouldn’t be there. He said it was a real mess.

My arm is completely numb, I cannot feel it at all. They say that will be fixed by tomorrow but for now it is the weirdest sensation I’ve ever had. They told me I can’t drive or use my right hand so designing should be a little bit of a challenge.

Hopefully when it is all said and done that I will be able to play tennis without pain once again.

Oh, before I forget, I passed out after the surgery. Apparently this happens all the time. I didn’t have anything to drink since last night. I stood up after the surgery was over and felt pretty nauseous. The next thing I know I had passed out and they were reviving me. Katie thought that I was having a seizure. But as I said, it apparently happens all the time and I feel much better now.

On a technological note, this blog post was fairly easy to produce all using my voice and my Android phone. You have to say the word. For it to end the sentence. You see it just made a mistake.

Testing the audio. Dinosaurs lived during the Jurassic period. It seemed to work there. Still pretty awesome technology.

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Lol! Nice post! Ironically I’m reading this as I’m waiting for my daughter to get out of recovery. She just had surgery on her knee. Keep those random blogs coming!

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