You are a Cyborg

I am reading this.

Here is a thought. You are a Cyborg. We all are.

What is a Cyborg? It is something which is part human and part machine. I’m not talking about people with jarvik hearts. I’m talking about you.

I wake up in the morning on my bed made out of machines and man made materials, warm in my house controlled by man made devices. I take a shower in a man-made device which pumps water from hundreds of miles away directly onto my head at the desired temperature. I pour man made chemicals in my hair to give my dead hair follicles the desired sheen. I put on man-made fibers in pre-configured patterns onto my body to cover most of it, protecting it from nature and conforming to societies demands for how I should look visually.

I ride my man-made machine on a man-made road to a man-made tunnel to ride another machine to visit another man made place where I walk into another machine which lifts me 200 feet into the air and allows me to go to a specific place where I am welcomed. I sit down and talk to my machine. It can’t hear me so I have to type all of my instructions on mad-made computer-man interface devices. My “job” is to use the machine and tell it to do things that it can not do on its own. My special function is that I know the correct commands to give the machine. Other people give the machine different commands. My entire value in society is focused on what I can tell the machine.

Whether the machine is a computer, or a hammer or chisel, it doesn’t matter. Our entire lives are completely surrounded and valued by our interaction with machines. We live and breathe machines from the day we are born to the day we die. We live as Cyborgs, part human, and part machine. The difference between me and an aborigine in Australia is that my machines are better that theirs. But they have their own machines like knifes and water jugs.

We literally can not survive without machines, the way a lion or a dolphin does. We are Cyborgs.

Now the question really is: What does this mean? Is it bad? Is it good? What will the future bring if this is true?

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