Published No Comments on Apologies

When a politician or any public figure apologizes, then the public loses interest. It is the act of full disclosure that we love. Catching someone in the act doesn’t mean anything if they apologize.

Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized for groping all those women and the public said ok. Clinton didn’t apologize for getting a BJ from Monica, in fact he denied it, and the public wouldn’t let it go. The firestone tire guy apologized. Janet Jackson apologized. Every one apologizes and the public says, Ok, thanks. We forgive you.

If Bush apologizes for the whole Iraq mess and the economy; If he says, “I’m sorry to the American public for giving its money to my friends. And I’m sorry, also, for leading us into a war based on a lie with no real planning for winning the peace which caused deaths of hundreds of our soldiers. And finally, I’m sorry for distorting the truth at every turn. You deserve better and I’m sorry.”

If he did all that, I bet he would win the election. People would say, “What can we do? He apologized!”

Whatya think?