Best of Commadot has always been a creative outlet for me as well as good practice in writing and communicating ideas.  These are the posts that I feel have the most learnable/original content.  If it was a book would you buy it?

  1. Design Principles. All of my best in one post.
  2. UX Greatness
    1. Good enough isn’t good enough.
    2. Eat bad babies. (Baby Sandwich)
    3. Invest in your future.
  3. UX Rule #1 – I only have one unbreakable rule. Don’t design something unless you know why someone would use it.
  4. The Curse of Knowledge – How organizations communicate poorly.  Knowing is half the battle.  I gave some tips to improve.
  5. Flow – A hugely useful concept to explain how a customer goes from newbie to power user and how they can get derailed along the way.
  6. Three Travelers – One of my core UX principles.  Saving someone after they are in trouble is more important than avoiding trouble completely. (a fools errand anyway)
  7. Sticky Personas – How to make personas that people can remember and are fun.
  8. The Little Things – Why people love some tiny detail and not the giant feature.  Illustration
  9. 5 Pennies vs. 1 Dime – How more little things seems better than 1 big thing.
  10. Pretend to be the Application – A simple mental technique to improve your system.  Never pretend to be the user.
  11. System Friction – How small details can stop you dead in your tracks.
  12. Task Completion or Task Enjoyment – Put fun into your product or service and your customers will love you.
  13. Customers will slow you down – How that first customer is more of a big deal than you may think.
  14. The Halloween Principle – Users are highly distracted.  This principle shows their mental state while they are using your app.
  15. The Big Five of Interaction Design – Follow these rules and people will think your application is easy to use and intuitive.
  16. Fun to Use or Easy to Learn – Most people choose the exact wrong choice.
  17. User Research – My guide to doing user research.  Bottom line: Don’t listen to them.  Just watch.
  18. Local Max Island – Incremental improvements will never get you to the wonderful product or service you desire.
  19. The UX of Arguments – A complete deconstruction of why people argue and how to avoid them.
  20. The Long Tail of Product Design – The Pareto principle in UX Design.

Did I miss one that you liked?

Whatya think?