Best of Commadot has always been a creative outlet for me as well as good practice in writing and communicating ideas.  These are the posts that I feel have the most learnable/original content.  If it was a book would you buy it?

  1. UX Greatness
    1. Good enough isn’t good enough.
    2. Eat bad babies. (Baby Sandwich)
    3. Invest in your future.
  2. UX Rule #1 – I only have one unbreakable rule. Don’t design something unless you know why someone would use it.
  3. The Curse of Knowledge – How organizations communicate poorly.  Knowing is half the battle.  I gave some tips to improve.
  4. Flow – A hugely useful concept to explain how a customer goes from newbie to power user and how they can get derailed along the way.
  5. Three Travelers – One of my core UX principles.  Saving someone after they are in trouble is more important than avoiding trouble completely. (a fools errand anyway)
  6. Sticky Personas – How to make personas that people can remember and are fun.
  7. The Little Things – Why people love some tiny detail and not the giant feature.  Illustration
  8. 5 Pennies vs. 1 Dime – How more little things seems better than 1 big thing.
  9. Pretend to be the Application – A simple mental technique to improve your system.  Never pretend to be the user.
  10. System Friction – How small details can stop you dead in your tracks.
  11. Task Completion or Task Enjoyment – Put fun into your product or service and your customers will love you.
  12. Customers will slow you down - How that first customer is more of a big deal than you may think.
  13. The Halloween Principle – Users are highly distracted.  This principle shows their mental state while they are using your app.
  14. The Big Five of Interaction Design – Follow these rules and people will think your application is easy to use and intuitive.
  15. Fun to Use or Easy to Learn – Most people choose the exact wrong choice.
  16. User Research – My guide to doing user research.  Bottom line: Don’t listen to them.  Just watch.
  17. Local Max Island – Incremental improvements will never get you to the wonderful product or service you desire.
  18. The UX of Arguments – A complete deconstruction of why people argue and how to avoid them.
  19. The Long Tail of Product Design – The Pareto principle in UX Design.

Did I miss one that you liked?

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