Task Completion or Enjoyment

This is a trick question:

The reason it is a trick question is that the guy on the left completed his task too.  However, most organizations align themselves to only solve some form of task completion.  Most software does not let you enjoy the task while you do this.  At best, you are satisfied, but not thrilled.

Why does everyone focus so hard on task completion and so little on task enjoyment?

It might have something to do with our education.  We are taught from an early age that you must do your homework.  You must clean your room.  You must learn to drive.  You must practice your violin.  You must swing the bat correctly.  However, we are rarely taught to love the task and to enjoy it for the tasks sake.  All of those early lessons are to gain the enjoyment of a different kind.  The enjoyment of having good grades or a clean room is the priority, not the enjoyment of cleaning or studying.

My approach is to change the dynamics.  I want people to love the task, not just the outcome.  It can be done, but you need to make it creative and colorful and fun.  It’s not that the outcome was acceptable, it’s that the process was enjoyable.  People need to enjoy their work.  Software can help, but we need to choose the right priorities and approach.

Do you care if your customer enjoys their task?  What have you done to make it enjoyable?  If you don’t make it a priority, you will have the same cardboard flavored app as everyone else.

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