The UX of Golf

I am pretty good at Baseball/Softball and Pool (pocket billiards).  I can hold my own in Tennis.  All of these spots require good “form” to do well.  Its all about muscle memory.  If you can learn proper technique and repeat it over and over, you can very well at those activities.

Golf, on the other hand, seems to be different.  I hit a golf ball on a driving range 20 times in a row.  I really focused my muscles to repeat the same stroke over and over again.  Results?  20 wildly different shots.  Some fade to the right, some hook to the left, some go straight, some go straight into the ground.  How could I have such divergent results from seemingly the exact same thing?

This is why people love and hate golf.  It’s beautiful to walk through a part while whacking a ball toawards a goal.  It’s relaxing and pretty tiring at the same time.  One round of golf is 4 hours.  I love the feeling of hitting a good shot.  I hate the fact that I have no idea how I did it.

User Experience Design is easier.  I usually know what happened that users liked.  Usually, but not always.

Whatya think?