The UX of Butterfly World

Generally, my trip to Florida was pretty tame.  Swam in the pool.  Swam in the ocean.  Went to the park.  Melted in the heat and humidity.  The boys had fun.

One highlight was Butterfly World in Florida.  The bar was set extremely low.  Ethan thought it would be stupid.  When we got there, they gave him a booklet so he could identify the butterflies and check them off.  Immediately, he perked up.  He was very happy to have something “interactive”.  When we entered the butterfly area, we all smiled.  It’s a cornucopia of butterflies.  They are everywhere.  Huge, small, colorful, bland…every variety of butterfly imaginable.  They landed on Ethan’s hat, then someone put one on Abigail’s arm.  It was wonderful.  So relaxing and peaceful.  We loved it.  Jared was in charge of taking pictures.  I have to get them off the camera.

They also had a lorakeet hut where you could go in and the birds would fly up and land on your shoulder.  They were so calm and friendly, even I (with my bird phobia) was not threatened.  They made a horrible shrieking noise, but I tried to ignore that.  Ethan was given a small bowl of orange juice and the birds swarmed him.  He had ten birds perched on his arms and shoulders trying to drink the fluid.  He was really excited.  Eventually, he realized that the birds were peeing on him.  That wasn’t great, but he was still happy.

Wonderful place, highly recommended.  The UX lesson here is that if you are going to do something, do it right.  It stinks if you go to “Butterfly world” and it has 10 dead butterflies in a cage.  You want the immersive experience.  That is what is going to blow people away.

We were blown away and we will suggest it to others.  The pool at the hotel?  It was fine, but fine doesn’t equal love.  Go for the gusto.  Go for “loved it!”  Go over the top fantastic.

Whatya think?