ExtJS 2009 – Summary

The video might take a little while, so here are my slides via Slide Rocket.  Some bugs again uploading it, so my fonts are busted.  Sorry.

Generally, this is my summary of the conference:

  • The alpha of the ExtJS designer is really cool.   It’s basically a ExtJS version of Visual Studio in a browser.  You can make Ext layouts and interfaces using a WYSIWYG editor.  Very promising.
  • They are launching a Market Place where you can buy/sell/sponsor different plugins and extensions.  I think this is a pretty smart move and will help spread the love around.
  • ExtJS 3.0 is a solid upgrade, with a bunch of improvements and new features that were very well received.  I am worried that my CSS will break for the buttons, but hopefully it won’t be  so bad.  Improvements include:
    • Flash boxes (useful for Flash charts)
    • Row Editor. I love this for editing a lead in Marketo.
    • This.mon – memory management
    • Vertical layouts
    • Overflow on toolbars – I like this very much.
    • Menu overflow, with better up/down controls
    • Endless scrolling, dynamic population to limit dom size.
    • More flexible layouts
  • Ext Direct.  Sort of over my head, but people were excited about it.
  • GWT stuff.  Seems to be important to a small subset of the group, but it’s hard to tell.

Overall, it was a well put together conference.  Everyone was nice, the hotel was beautiful.  Attendees were highly engaged.  Good work ExtJS.

I hope my presentation was well received and I get invited to speak elsewhere.  I get such a good feeling every time I get the chance.

Here are some pictures of my talk.
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6 thoughts on “ExtJS 2009 – Summary

  1. Sounds like it went really well. I’ve been following some people on Twitter at the conference. Seems like ExtJS does some really powerful things.

  2. You know, I’m sure there’s some who’ll think the Ext marketplace is silly, but those things are always great when it comes to organizing an otherwise confusing plugin/app system.

  3. Thanks for the news. Could you please tell me where is the ExtJS designer you talked about? Can I find it online? I know some of ExtJS designers already such as http://www.projectspace.nl/ but I think you are talking about a different and original one.

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