WordPress Continued

Getting a little comfortable with WordPress now.  The way plugins work is actually pretty easy.  I tried out a whole bunch of standard editor plugins.  The reason for this is that the out-of-the-box WordPress does not include spell checking.  I tried 5 different ones.

  1. Ajax Spell Checker
  2. EditorMonkey
  3. Visual.SpellCheck
  4. WYSI-Wordpress
  5. Xinha4WP combined with Text Control

The last one is the one I am using now.  Looks pretty powerful.  This is my first post with it.  Supposedly, the comments use it too.  It looks like I can make the editor fullscreen.  Let’s try.

Ooooooooooh.  That’s nice.  Me likey.

Ok, all the others looked interesting, but I have to give the nod to Ximha4WP, although they really really need to change their name to something in English.

1 reply on “WordPress Continued”

Testing comments.  In Firefox, the box looks cut off, but it doesn’t cover up any of the words.  Bold, Italics.  And a spell check.

I wonder who could use the spell check…hmm I wonder.  (You know who you are!) 

Whatya think?