Twitter Followers

I have been getting more interested in Twitter, since Digsby makes it much easier to tweet.  Coinciding with this interest, I have gotten more followers.  Each one with a little email announcement.  Many of these followers are wierd.  By wierd, I mean that they have a strange pattern on their profile.  Something like this:


What the heck is this person doing?  They hardly ever tweet.  They follow 733 different people.  The 38 followers are people who follow anyone who follows them, so it’s sort of a feedback loop.  Why do people do this?  What is the benefit?  I don’t get emails from them.  Their updates don’t show up anywhere I can see.  It just seems wierd.

Are these people addicted to Twitter?  I am already nervous about following Guy Kawasaki.  He tweets alot and is crowding the Digsby window.


19,509 updates!!  Holy fish paste!  Guy is either seriously addicted or makes $10 per tweet.  Guy is a legend, so I have to assume it’s the latter.  I’ve only updated 57 times.  I would need to update 10 times a day for 5 and a half years to catch up!  Seriously.  Twitter only stores his last 6,400 updates, so I don’t even know what his original tweet was.

This interview sheds alot of light onto Guy’s Twittering.  I am going to stop following him…it’s too much info.  Sorry Guy.  It’s not you; it’s me.

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