I hate sniffling. I feel like an idiot.
My nose is like a faucet. My head is like a water balloon. I can’t concentrate. W need to go home.

Katie is sick too and has an itchy thing. Jared, Matt and Ethan have had runny noses since the day they were born. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but they have a snot issue. In short, we are a mess.

Oh oh, I forgot. On MSNBC this morning a woman named Twinkle was attacking Dean and democrats. She said, the democrats left the south, the south didn’t leave the democrats. Twinkle is from Alabama. Twinkie, I mean Twinkle, being from Alabama should know better. We have something in this world, called History. It tells you what “actually” happened. Not what Twinkie makes up as she goes. Twinkle, look at this.

In 1948, the democrats nominated Harry Truman. That same year Henry Wallace was running as a progressive independent. Because of political realities, Truman decided to embrace the progressive stance on Civil Rights. The south freaked out. They said, Hell no. They liked Jim Crow laws just the way they were. They liked lynching black people when they felt like it. So the southern democrats LEFT the democratic party and started the Dixiecrats on July 17, 1948. They held their national convention in Birmingham, Alabama. They nominated Strom Thurmond for president.

Dixiecrats organized in response to Truman’s proposed 1948 civil rights package, understood by many whites as the greatest threatened federal intrusion into the South since Reconstruction. The package consisted of four primary pieces of legislation: abolition of the poll tax, a federal anti-lynching law, desegregation legislation, and a permanent Federal Employment Practices Committee (FEPC) to prevent racial discrimination in jobs funded by federal dollars.

Thurmond won four states, (Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and South Carolina), securing 39 electoral votes.

The Dixiecrats soon after joined the republicans and formed an alliance with the uber-wealthy elite. Economics would be controlled by the Military-Industrial faction and the morals would be controlled by the southern Dixiecrats. It has been that way for over 50 years.

The Dixiecrats and their control over the moral issues in the republican party are racist and sexist.

Twinkie, please read a book.

PS. Do not confuse Twinkle with Twiki. Twiki was cool.

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I can’t believe you are arguing with someone named Twinkle. Which brings up a questions. SHould the anti-republicans start huge campaigns to spew lies about the republicans. If it is crazy enough, it will get press, and people will believe it. Perhaps some young man should go on tv and say that Dick Chaney molested after a campaign rally. In another month, have somebody say that Dick Chaney offered him $10,000 to buy a video of him kissing another man. Is that wrong? Anyway, Claredon-D seems to work good for me (although I use the generic version)

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