Allergy Season and a book

It used to happen in NY in May. I would start sneezing around May 1, and keep sneezing and sniffling until around my birthday. In the Bay Area, apparently, pollen season starts in March. I need to go to the store and pick up some clariten or something. Ugh. Sniffle.

I thought of a good book. Like 1984, but called 2050 (1948 is to 1984 as 2005 is to 2050). The book starts off explaining that many wealthy people have had implants inserted in their brains making them super geniuses. Nano-technology and MRI technology has also improved so that the first person is going to be scanned in. His body will be destroyed and reconstructed from nanobots. The man is a super rich powerful 95 year old man named, William Gates. The operation goes as expected and the new Bill Gates awakens in his nanobot body. Instantly he kills everyone in the room. He realizes that if he destroys all of the people who know the technology, he can be a god on earth. He could rule forever with unlimited power. The story is how he destroys all those who had implants and enslaves the rest of humanity. One bright hope is a small child of a rich man in Tibet, who secretly had his child implanted and hidden away from the powerful Gates. The story should end with Gates eating the child, but then realizing too late that the child had infected himself with a powerful Nano-virus. Once eaten, Gates is infected and is destroyed. The world awakes to a new opportunity, but squanders it as greed and self-interest rule the day.

What do you think?

One reply on “Allergy Season and a book”

Well its not very 1984-ish, but it sounds interesting. I think you should write. One page a day. Perhaps the futuristic Gates will tell everyone that they could be gods to, but he would give them a slavery nanobot instead (although slaves, the still think they are gods and are bliss). Than all the other people would have to decide; Do I want to get the “god nanobot” event though everyone who takes it looks like a slave to me, but they insist that they are really gods and that it is great and that as a non-god I just don’t understand.” Of course everyone would choose to be a god, except for Molly Lipka, King of New New York, who starts a revolution to free everyone, and after she does, they are all pissed at her because they used to think they were gods and now they must deal with the reality that they were slaves. Molly has to escape from the crazies in a golden rocket car, where she flies to the center of the universe and builds a cabana on the cosmic sands and starts a rock band called Molly and the Unseen Wave of Tranquility.

Whatya think?