Dell Servers

Man, Dell is ridiculously cheap. HP doesn’t even try to compete. They told me on the phone, “We can’t beat them on price.” And I don’t even think HP boxes are anything better than Dell. Gateway has servers too, but they are just as expensive as HP and they are totally untested. You can go no name brand, but then you take some risk on support.

Listen to this spec:
Dual 2.8 Gz Xeon Processors (1MB L2 Cache)
2G of DDR 400 mhtz ram
Dual SCSI 15k RPM 36G Hard drives (Raid 1 Mirroring)

Cost: $2100

Warms my heart to see such wonderful equipment being sold for so little. I am saving up my money to buy a new computer in late May. It will be groovy. I am excited.

Whatya think?