Covid Protocols and Tennis

There are Rules My kids (the older 2) are pretty strict about Covid protocols in general. When playing tennis with others, we were following the Official USTA Rules. The rules say “Bring your own can of balls and ONLY touch those. Don’t touch any other set of tennis balls”. The invitations to play tennis also…Continue readingCovid Protocols and Tennis

Tab Groups in Chrome

Chrome recently updated their browser and added a much needed feature. It’s called Tab Groups. Firefox used to have it and for some reason lost it. Here is how it works. First, update chrome by clicking the top right kabob (three dots) and then Help → About Chrome. It should pop open a tab where…Continue readingTab Groups in Chrome

Remote Team Bonding

In the Age of Covid, we are all working in a new way. I spend more time in meetings and less time sitting with people at their desks. As a team leader, I want to make sure we are bonding and developing relationships with each other. We can’t sit and have lunch together or bullshit…Continue readingRemote Team Bonding

Unnatural vs Natural Acts of Product Development

When developing a large product, especially for enterprise customers, it is tempting to do some engineering specifically to land (or keep) a big customer. This, on its face, sounds good, right? “The customer is always right.” Marshall Field – Wikipedia I think this makes sense in a department store. However, when dealing with large enterprise…Continue readingUnnatural vs Natural Acts of Product Development

A Brief History of Me (So Far)

Can you put your life into bullet points? Can you summarize and really boil information spanning decades down to its essentials? Let’s give it a try. Act I (Growing up) Born outside NYC in the foresty suburbs Was pretty bad at school, but I read non stop Got into Art pretty early. Loved to draw…Continue readingA Brief History of Me (So Far)