A Brief History of Me (So Far)

Can you put your life into bullet points? Can you summarize and really boil information spanning decades down to its essentials? Let’s give it a try.

  • Act I (Growing up)
    • Born outside NYC in the foresty suburbs
    • Was pretty bad at school, but I read non stop
    • Got into Art pretty early. Loved to draw
    • Went to a local community college and then a bad state school
    • Learned a little about myself
  • Act II (the dot come hurricane)
    • Got my first job as a secretary at Sony and completely automated myself out of the position in 8 months.
    • Started a digital agency in NYC
    • Grew the company up to 35 people and 5 MM in revenue
    • Designed and built Hotkoko, a SaaS precursor to Sharepoint
    • Got married, produced kid
    • Fired everyone after 9/11 and dotcom collapse. Learned alot about myself.
  • Act III (new beginnings)
    • Moved to California, more kids
    • Learned IT administration (Exchange, Active Directory, etc)
    • Learned Project Management (I am not that good at it)
    • Found first job as Interaction Designer
    • Worked a year at Intuit and learned testing from Avinash Kaushik. Spent the year innovating with jQuery.
  • Act IV (design leader)
    • Was first employee for Marketo, wore many hats:
      • Product Management
      • Research
      • Product Design
      • Product Marketing
      • Sales Engineering
      • Training
      • Support
      • Documentation
    • There were years of joy and years of pain, but overall it was an exceptional experience. IPO 2012.
    • Designed flagship system from scratch, built a great team, and secured two patents for marketing attribution.
    • Was 8th employee of Engagio, led product management and product design. Designed several systems from scratch.
    • Joined Treasure Data as head of product design
      • Designed re-think of entire platform UX
      • Built great team (favorite so far) and led innovative Figma design system.
  • Act V
    • Wait, there is more? Nice! How many more acts do I get?

It doesn’t seem like much when I read it quickly, but there are alot of stories baked in. LinkedIn gives you a glimpse into someone’s history, but I wish it was a little less professional. I want to know the stories. I want to see the character development.

Each of you is a fascinating story. I wonder what will be in your next act?

2 responses to “A Brief History of Me (So Far)”

  1. Act I – Childhood in VA and WA. Lots of gymnastics, horses, dance classes, theater.

    Act 2 – Post High School – lived for fun. Random jobs in real estate, nanny, receptionist, auditioned to be a backup dancer for N*SYNC, worked at a restaurant…oh yeah, community college(s).

    Act 3 – Focus Time: Work at GE Capital. Learn about 6 Sigma and Kaizen. Realized I wanted a Bachelors Degree. Quit work and re-focus on school full-time, extended to get MBA.

    Act 4 – Real World: Introduction to tech startup, SaaS and SFDC, and MOPs. Absorbing everything. Worked at Sesame and Expedia

    Act 5 – Leaving the Nest: The Grand Adventure to California. Bumpy at first, but a great period of growth. Worked at Marketo and SurveyMonkey

    Act 6 – Epiphany – Realizing I am Smart, I am Valuable. I have opinions. Some people want to hear them. Life is short..make good choices.

    That was fun! I enjoyed yours too.

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