2022 Predictions

I like doing this annually. It would be easier if I had a crystal ball, so if anyone has one, please let me borrow it.

2020 Prediction Score

I skipped 2021 apparently. But how did I do with 2020 predictions?

  1. Joe Biden wins. Check.
  2. Tennis. Stuck at 4.5. Check. Winners of Opens: One exception, but mostly Novak Djokovic dominated. I hate that guy.
  3. Cord Cutting. Check. More popular than ever.
  4. Climate and World Events. Check. 2020 was shit. Spot on.
  5. Tesla. Check. Stock rose precipitously
  6. Design trends stay static. Check

Wow, I give my 2020 predictions an excellent rating. I only screwed up Novak Djokovic. Jerk.

2022 Predictions

  1. We will be stuck with pandemic protocols all year. Because people won’t get vaccinated, we are stuck with Covid permanently. It will be like the flu where you need shots every single year.
  2. Right wing and autocratic politics continue to gain power. Russia will take Ukraine and China will continue to dominate Hong Kong. The US will not be as influential as we used to be.
  3. Mid-term elections will have voter suppression on the levels of the 1950s. Gerrymandering and other forms of cheating will lead to Republicans taking the House of Representatives. Dems will fall on their faces a bunch.
  4. The Supreme Court will in effect eliminate abortion rights in many states. They will uphold gun violence (rights) as well. I general, they are going to mess up our society.
  5. Protests will happen, but it’s complicated by Covid protocols. The people who want to protest are the same people who want to be careful.
  6. The Warriors will win the NBA Championship. Clay Thomson will be a big ingredient in that success.
  7. Crypto will continue to rise, especially as society collapses.
  8. I will go the whole year and still not be able to find a PS5.
  9. I will turn 50. (Not much of a prediction) I think it will not be fun.
  10. Two of my sons will enter the workforce successfully.

Nothing huge in here. Just a bunch of bad news.

2024, I am expecting the United States to collapse into a dictatorship. Hopefully, I am wrong.


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  1. Avinash Naganathan Avatar
    Avinash Naganathan

    Glen, one more to your list.
    Many people by now will start to forget how long distance travel felt like. as emotionless golden promises from the metaverse and VR aim to fill the void.

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