2024 Predictions

It’s so hard to predict things these days. I forgot last year, but I can see how I did with my 2022 predictions.

  1. Covid forever. Wrong. It’s like it never happened. We are all back to normal. Except people don’t high five in tennis as much. We clank rackets. I hate that.
  2. Autocrats gain power. Yup.
  3. Mid-year elections. I don’t even know what I was predicting. Turns out the liberals did quite well.
  4. Supreme Court will eliminate abortion rights. Check.
  5. Protests. Yes, but that’s not much of a prediction.
  6. Warriors win the championship. Nope.
  7. Crypto. Mixed. It went up and then down, and back up.
  8. PS5. I did get one eventually.
  9. I got older, yes.
  10. Two of my sons did enter the workforce successfully.

2024 Predictions

  1. Biden will win. Trump will be on the ballot, despite the 14th amendment argument. I am deeply pessimistic on this whole thing. It’s going to be a tumultuous year.
  2. Adam Schiff wins Senator of California, but I actually want Katie Porter to win. I’m a Porter Supporter.
  3. More electric cars available. This is not much of a prediction, but I am very happy about it. We need to get electric cars everywhere.
  4. Ukraine holds on. It’s a desperate battle, I hope they survive.
  5. China does not invade Taiwan, but makes life miserable for many people.
  6. Crypto goes up. Bitcoin is at 43k right now. I’ll predict 50k by next December.
  7. Twitter (X) goes bankrupt. I think Elon Musk is a nutcase. The way he acted in that interview from the NY Times was unhinged. If not 2024, then 2025. But it is not going well.
  8. Threads from Facebook does not take off. I am hoping BlueSky opens up more.
  9. I get bumped up to 4.5 in one year. I am really hoping they don’t, but I am not optimistic.
  10. Draymond Green is traded to another NBA team.

Some of these are hot takes. We shall see how it goes.

Predictions are fun. Happy Holidays everyone!


Whatya think?