4 Kinds of Spam

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About 80% of my spam falls into 4 categories.


  1. Drugs.  Makes sense, they spend alot of money on marketing and are complete scumbags.
  2. Diploma.  This is mostly ONLINE diplomas, which I assume are just scams.  More scumbags.
  3. Russian.  Sometimes I translate the email and see they are actually lawyers in Moscow.  Why would I want this?  What are they thinking?  Why can’t I block ALL foreign language emails?
  4. Watches.  Really?  Why are there so many emails for watches?  Not shoes or necklaces.  Watches.  Am I missing something?

If I could define a spam filter it would be:

  • If something is set to spam, then check:
    • If it’s not in english, delete it
    • If it contains the word Viagra or Cialis or (other drug names), delete it
    • If it contains the word Diploma, delete it
    • If it contains the word watch, delete it

This would chop my spam my a massive amount.

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