The UX of Windows MarketPlace

Still using the HTC Touch Pro 2.  I don’t hate it although there are some significant flaws, like the placement of the “sleep” button.  It’s exactly in the most annoying place.  Anyway, Microsoft has been threatening to release a 6.5 upgrade ROM for my device, but no dice yet.  Meanwhile, they released the Windows Mobile Marketplace for 6.1, so starting yesterday, I could access it.

My previous complaints about the applications for Windows Mobile have been that they are ridiculously expensive.  For example, check out this Agile Instant Messenger (Like Digsby or Trillian) for mobile.  $45!!!  Are you serious?  All of the software was over the top expensive.  The iPhone app store by comparison has enormous amount for free and good apps just cost a dollar.

So yesterday, I started using the Windows App Store.  The usability is fine.  I had no problem installing.  It forced me to sign in with my Hotmail account, but I didn’t mind since I already had one.  It seemed quick and browsing was easy.  The main problem was that it was still pretty expensive.  Sure, there were some free apps, but not enough.  And half-decent apps were $5-10.  They are not getting the point.

One dollar is an impulse purchase.  Five is not.

I don’t know who influences pricing, but they really need to rethink their model.  $1-3 should be the average and have lots and lots of free samples to keep people in the mix.  Overall, good experience, except for the pricing.

Whatya think?