4am Inspiration

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I have not had alot of time to think lately.  Most of my “ideas” are focused on Marketo. However, my AjaxExperience presentation is due and I have not “nailed it”.  I went to sleep worrying about it.

I work up at 4am this morning.  Mostly asleep, but this idea kept nagging me.  With this idea, I knew what I should do with the presentation.  I could do it later and go back to sleep.  Then I thought, “What if I forget in the morning?” and “When will I be able to do this anyway?”

My philosophy is, “Do it now, or you probably won’t do it”.

I dragged myself out of bed and stumbled to my desk.  I fired up PowerPoint and started working.  The deck has 36 slides now and I think I nailed it.  It’s a good presentation.  I am proud of it.  It’s fun and informative.

I should go to bed.  I have to wake up in 30 minutes to go to work.


Whatya think?