Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

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Wow, Tiny Fey did a great job mimicking Sarah Palin. The accent and the facial expressions were spot on. I thought Amy Poehler wasn’t nearly as good. I loved the line that accused Sarah Palin of wearing “Tiny Fey glasses”. I didn’t think about that before, but maybe Sarah Palin is doing her best Tiny Fey impression?

Very funny.

What is not funny is how the media keeps obsessing over stupid things.  Presidents decide lots of policies that affect our lives.  They are the representative of our country to the whole world.  These decisions matter.  Do you want a car that gets more than 20 mph?  Do you want a business environment that has no regulations so companies can run amok and ruin millions of people’s lives?  Do you want to be energy independant?  Do you want to go to war for no good reason and spend a trillion dollars just to end up where you started?  

I want someone who believes in evolution, not creationsim.  I want someone who wants to focus on the details of good decisions, not about destroying the other party.  We are such a stupid mass of people.  We care about 9/11 which killed 3000 people but give little consequence to Cancer which kills 500,000 per year.  We have incredibly silly priorities.

I still have optimism that we will improve.  We just need brain implants that help us think.


  1. I was flicking through the channels the other night and I came across that episode of SNL and could’ve swore that was actually Ms. Palin, herself. It’s uncanny.

    And frankly, I don’t care what my President believes in, as long as he doesn’t try to impose it upon me.

  2. And I’m also discouraged when a public figure who speaks in well-formed, complete sentences is derided as an “elitist,” no matter the wording of those sentences. When did showing one’s good education become shameful, and why is ignorance mistaken for plain speaking?

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