A conversation in the White House:

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Vice President Dick Cheney: I am the most powerful
vice president in the history of the US! I rock! I can get away with anything! I rock so hard.

Karl Rove: Hmmm, you never shot anyone. Aaron Burr
shot Alexander Hamilton while he was VP and got away with it.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
Aaron Burr? Bastard! Hmm.
I bet I could shoot someone and get away with it.

Karl Rove:
No way, dude. You would get caught.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
Wanna bet? I am the all
powerful Dick. I can shoot anyone I please.

Karl Rove:
I am not going to bet you. You probably
will shoot a secret service guy in the foot.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
No, I swear! I’ll shoot
someone for real! And not a security guy. A normal guy.

Karl Rove:
I don’t know. Make it an old guy.
And you have to shoot him in the face! No bullet proof vest or

Vice President Dick Cheney: You’re on! Shall we make it our normal bet?

Karl Rove: $1 Dollar. It’s a bet.

I am not saying this is exactly what happened, but I think we all know it might be true. Article: Dick Cheney shoots old man in the face. Says, “I thought he was a bird”.



  1. My favorite joke is:

    After Cheney shot the lawyer, he turned the the rest of the hunting party and said, “So, does anyone else think the wiretaps were unconstitutional?”

  2. That is hilarious Glen! Did you make it up or are you forgetting to credit someone? xoxox kt

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