A conversation in the White House:

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Vice President Dick Cheney: I am the most powerful
vice president in the history of the US! I rock! I can get away with anything! I rock so hard.

Karl Rove: Hmmm, you never shot anyone. Aaron Burr
shot Alexander Hamilton while he was VP and got away with it.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
Aaron Burr? Bastard! Hmm.
I bet I could shoot someone and get away with it.

Karl Rove:
No way, dude. You would get caught.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
Wanna bet? I am the all
powerful Dick. I can shoot anyone I please.

Karl Rove:
I am not going to bet you. You probably
will shoot a secret service guy in the foot.

Vice President Dick Cheney:
No, I swear! I’ll shoot
someone for real! And not a security guy. A normal guy.

Karl Rove:
I don’t know. Make it an old guy.
And you have to shoot him in the face! No bullet proof vest or

Vice President Dick Cheney: You’re on! Shall we make it our normal bet?

Karl Rove: $1 Dollar. It’s a bet.

I am not saying this is exactly what happened, but I think we all know it might be true. Article: Dick Cheney shoots old man in the face. Says, “I thought he was a bird”.



  1. My favorite joke is:

    After Cheney shot the lawyer, he turned the the rest of the hunting party and said, “So, does anyone else think the wiretaps were unconstitutional?”

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