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Recovered from – Apr 5, 1997

Just to keep us all up to date, here is the landscape of Online Access choices:

  • America Online: 5 Million customers, crappy browser.
    (Funny quote from Internet Underground:
    “Steve Case thinks that Marketing America Online in Europe with just the initials “AOL” is going to fool the residents of an entire continent.”)
  • Compuserve: My dad’s email is 104370.154…whats up with that?!? At Compuserve you really ARE a number!
  • Prodigy: Trying a $1 per hour deal. Yawn, how quaint.
  • AT&T: I ordered the software…six to eight weeks delivery. Can I download it? No. Click me to know what I said.
  • MCI: Still in development; so are the plans for a web design franchise. Geared towards business.
  • Netcom: Huge Network, uses Netcruiser. trying to get bigger.
  • MSN: Growing steadily, custom designed for Internet Explorer and Win95.
  • Genie: Looks cool, gets no press and costs too much.
  • Independent Service Providors: Getting pushed out by megacorps.
  • Coming soon: @Home, but not that soon.

Prediction: Online Services follow America Online model through to broadband, ISPs slowly lose market share.

Did I miss any?
Yes, Mr. Potato Head | Nah, but you’re still funny looking!


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