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Recovered from Archive.org – Apr 9, 1997

I remember a few months back there was this huge fire (supposedly) in Japan and DRAM went through the roof. 4 meg chips cost about $160 mail order. Today I got a quote in the back of Computer Shopper for the same chip, $65 US. If you have a computer (most of you) you need to know one thing:

Think of RAM as blood for your computer. Back in the old days 2 megs was plenty on your 286 machine. Then the high end users of the 386/25 needed 4 megs at the bare bones. A 486/66 demanded a hefty 8 megs while the new Pentiums thrive on 16 or more. The next generation of Pentium Pros, which are specifically designed for 32 bit operating systems like Windows NT need 32 megs of ram just to keep them from hyper-ventilating. What does this mean?

It’s a good idea to think about upgrading your system while prices are so low.

In other news:
Hackers can try to win 10 grand by hacking into here.
VERDICT: (Sounds like a recruiting scheme, but not a bad one.)

Silicon Graphics is announcing a new VRML standard.
VERDICT: Great…unfortunetely most users dont have the system to handle it.
By the way, the SGI site is hella cool.

Microsoft and Netscape are trying to come up with a standard online encryption system.
VERDICT: It will take a while, but online transactions will be commonplace by 1999.

Random Prediction: Customizable sites will sprout up over the web. One or two might even be useful.

Tip o’ the day: Dont let the naysayers get on your nerves. Progress comes to those who wait.

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