Other News (April 1996)

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Recovered from Archive.org – Apr 10, 1997

IBM may license the Apple operating system MacOS.
Prediction: It’s the blind leading the dumb. They have both failed separately to topple the Microsoft/Intel monopoly over the PC world. Maybe together they can be less lame. A merger with Apple is seeming more and more imminent, but will IBM be the lucky groom?

Yahoo is going public this week.
Prediction: No brainer; IPO will go up the first day settle the second. Expect better performance than other search engines.

Microsoft is encroaching upon the hardware market with it’s 1394 bus configuration and multimedia chips.
Prediction: Bill Gates will make me sick with how much money he has.

Florida initiates an Internet Tax.
Prediction: More of the same retarded garbage stifling the growth of the best new medium since the telephone. The story of the Internet will be, “It was slow going becuase the government gave everyone a hard time!” New York City charges a penny a minute per line for ISDN service plus the flat rate. Give us a break!


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