Account Based Marketing

For the better part of the last ten years, I have seen the world through the eyes of a demand generation marketer. Starting with Kelly Abner and working through thousands of others, my point of view was how to help them create more leads and nurture them through a funnel.

Now that I have started at Engagio, I have switched my glasses from demand generation to account based marketing (ABM). Now, the world looks very different to me. I see signs of ABM everywhere I look. Some examples:

  1. A group of people in a company are discussing a particular customer. How are they doing? Who is our champion there? Can they introduce us to other people? What if they left the company? What is our backup contact? What is our strategy to keep this customer happy for the next 5 years?
  2. A set of sales people are tasked with drumming up business. Which accounts should they target? How should they approach them? Should someone make some custom content for them? What would it say? Is cold-calling really the best we can do?
  3. A large company has many people who care about sales and marketing. Where is the place to look to see which accounts need attention? What to do next? How can so many people coordinate their activities? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems seem to be awfully light on the “Relationship” part.

When I see what people do today to solve these problems, I think they are barely better than the same techniques of 50 years ago. Why hasn’t technology helped solve these problems?

I think it can. I’m going to design it and Engagio is going to build it. I think this could change the way people interact in companies for years to come. This is why I work. I want to change the world for the better.

Want to learn more about Account Based Marketing? Check out this awesome guide to the whole subject of ABM by Jon Miller.

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