Active Server Pages

Definition: A component of the Internet Information Server (IIS) 3.0 from Microsoft, which parses scripting languages on the server. The structure of the technology lets you create HTML pages which include scripts (right in the HTML which can talk freely to a database and other OLE resources easily and quickly.)

This technology is a milestone for web development. Scripting languages, although scoffed at by “serious” programmers for their simplicity, are actually a blessing for lowend developers who haven’t mastered C or Perl yet still want to develop powerful database driven Web sites.

Scripting languages like VBScript, JavaScript, REXX, Python and even PERL are supported by ASP. Although originally designed to work on the NT Server running IIS 3.0, ChilliSoft just released a version that runs on Unix. This development technique promises to boost interactivity throughout the web. Designers will no longer have to sacrifice design to the programmers or vice-versa.

Here is a list of ASP resources on the net for beginners with zero programming knowledge up the most advanced programmer.


Documentation on Active Web Pages

Using/Learning ASP

ASP 101 – A Database Interfacing Primer *Good step by step examples

ASP Resource Page


ASP Roadmap. ASP Documentation and examples

ASP Developer’s Site. Links to docs, tutorials, Faqs, Source Code, etc.

ASP Developer. Bitshop’s sponsored forum for ASP.

Cary & Gary’s Visual Basic Home Page. Active Server Pages Demo.

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