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I started reading From Beirut to Jerusalem, by Thomas Friedman. It starts off in similar fashion to The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang and At the Hands of Persons Unknown by Philip Dray. My jaw continually drops when I read about the sheer brutality that people can perform. Hobbes’ State of Nature is interesting to compare to the realities of history.

The main thing that strikes me at this point in the book is the adaptability of people to grow accustomed to, and deal with, the insanity of the world around them. Hundreds of little coping devices and mind games. It is all part of our very powerful psychological defense mechanisms.

The book also puts into perspective the Syrian withdrawn from Lebanon which makes me think: So What? The area has no security. It has no stability. What is the difference? Why is this a good thing?

In other news, Bernie Ebbers (I have an Uncle Bernie!!), who was found guilty today. He faces 85 years in prison after being convicted on all nine counts in accounting fraud. I find this great, but I have one question. Where is Ken Lay?!? Why isn’t he being tried? I guess having the president on your side is pretty important huh?

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  1. Actually Lay was arrested and in awaiting trial. Although it looks like he might just get a slap on the wrist, it’s possible he might actually get what he deserves (Actually he deserves to get his Testabulls cut off as part of fox’s new reality show “Who wants to be a castrated Billionaire?”

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