Good Eatin, Good Lovin

Last night Katie took me to Chez Panise. The downstairs restaurant, not the cafe! She also got me a ukulele! It’s hard to tune, but I think I am getting used to it. Its pretty easy to play and the kids like it. Right now, my fingers hurt and my wrist is cramped up, but I am having fun.

Katie is the best. She gets thoughtful presents. She is showing her love for me in creative and interesting ways. I am dropping the ball in return. I need to step up my efforts to show her how much I love her.

She is such a good mom and is providing a wonderful home for us all. She doesn’t think this is true, but I do. Maybe I should get a bowling ball that says Homer on it?

Jared’s birthday is this weekend. I am busy building furniture and fixing the crib. He is having a Tae Kwon Do party. Hopefully Ethan won’t try to create a 3 year old army.

Whatya think?