Napoleon Dynamite

Katie and I just watched Napoleon Dynamite. I have to say: This is one of the most original movies I have ever seen. It was bizarre. It seems every thirty seconds, I was boggled. Great acting. Very funny and yet somewhere in the whole thing was a sweet message. I am not sure what the message was, but it was there. And it was sweet.

The movie sort of reminded me of the movie Happiness. My jaw was at my feet the entire movie. Except Happiness was bizarre sort of like a dead bird on top of a shiny new sports car, where Napoleon Dynamite was bizarre in a “Yeah, high school was sort of like that, in a bizarre way.” way.

Oh, I almost forgot yesterday. At Chez Panise, the lemon in the water was great. Meyers lemons are in perfect season I guess.

One reply on “Napoleon Dynamite”

“vote for me and all you’re dreams will come true” could be the best campaign theme ever. I might have to borrow it one day. Than, again I thought the movie was just iffy.

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