The Uke

Surprisingly, the Ukulele that Katie got me is pretty easy to play. My father thinks I am tone deaf, but I think my problem is more that I can not sing any notes. They are correct in my head though.

Anyway, I know four chords. F, D, C, G7. And I sort of know G. A friend said that if I learn about twelve chords, then I would be able to play most music. I like practicing it. It is soothing. My fingers don’t hurt too bad, but my wrist gets cramped.

I need sheet music with the chords. There are a lot of websites out there that have information, but I need to get the signal-to-noise ratio fixed. Where is the good stuff?

Other events: Today is Jared’s Birthday and the first day of spring. Happy Equinox! Happy Birthday. His Tae Kwon Do party went very well. Everyone had a good time.

Penny noticed that my Robocut haircut was a little off. I knew something was wrong with it. I fixed it up this morning. Katie needs to shave my neck. Is that too much information for a public blog?

Whatya think?