Adobe XD Listened (mostly)

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I have to give credit where credit is due. In April, I complained that Adobe was taking years to build out basic things in XD. Today, they released a huge update. Let’s see how it compares to my complaints.

  • Text Transform. Done!
  • Scale Resize Symbols Independently. Done!
  • Quick Access to Google Font Library – not exactly, but they tried their own version of it.
  • Real-Time Collaboration. No.

Additionally, they also released a few extras that I didn’t ask for:

  • Prototype using a video game controller. (who needs this??)
  • Manage a Design System (like Figma Team Libraries) (Good)
  • Guides (Good)
  • Polygon tool (Good)

All in a little over a month. Not bad.

I still have the feeling that Adobe XD may win the war, even if they are playing catchup to Figma in general. (Mixed metaphors) With the latest enhancements, I could possibly create a spec for engineering. With real-time collaboration, I would consider switching my team.

  • Adobe XD
    • Repeat grid is cool
    • Graphic design and UI of the tool is great
    • Community is spectacular and heavily trafficked
  • Figma
    • Real-Time collaboration
    • Is ahead on the details/features

Community is one area that Figma needs to get serious about. The Spectrum community is really not usable. Additionally, the product management team at Adobe engaged me positively on Twitter and actually listened to feedback. Good job!

Last detail to see if Adobe is paying attention. There is a small usability issue. In the tree, you can click and double click on tiny little areas to do different things. This is really annoying because I accidentally have my mouse in the wrong place by a few pixels. When I double click on a layer (anywhere on it) – I really just want to navigate to it in the canvas. When I click slowly twice, I would like to rename – like operating system gestures. It’s weird to me that clicking on the left and clicking on the word give me different outcomes.

I am eager to see the space continue to grow. I still believe designers are a rotten audience because of how fickle and picky we are, but I appreciate vendors trying to make us happy anyway.

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