Game of Thrones Sucks Forever

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How can a show fuck up so badly? They started off so strong with a tapestry of characters following their adventures in this rich world of Westeros. But now? Now, I don’t give a shit about any of it. I am not even going to watch the prequels over this. Here are a few reasons:


Throwing away character arcs

Jamie had this long journey from total pretty-boy-asshole to a courageous man. He lost a hand and gained a conscious. And in the end? Ahh, fuck it, let’s just go to Cersei. WTF?

Speaking of which…they die by getting hit by a rock? No murder? No twists?

Bran became the three eyed raven and had a big showdown with the Night King. Ahh, fuck it, he dead now. Stabbed by a little girl with a knife. Seriously? No twist, no history? No reveal? What the hell did bran do anyway? He just sat there. JUST SAT THERE!!

Cersei was this bad ass bitch smart as a whip dictator. So what did she do during the invasion? She just sat there mostly being delusional. She said, “The Red Keep has never fell.” Did she forget about Roberts Rebellion? But here is this smart person and she just stands there? No last minute effort? Nothing?

Dany had spent all this time becoming this great ruler. She learned in the east how to rule and then she just lost her shit and burned down the whole town? Why? What as the point? Who was she hurting? Those villagers weren’t the ones who killed her friend. It makes no sense. The writers just said, “Ahh fuck it. Let’s have her go batshit crazy. Women are cray cray! Am I right!??”

Stupid nonsense bullshit

OK, this is one I just can not, CAN NOT, let go. When the dragon blows fire, it is FIRE. We have seen it burn people MANY times. They stand there and it BURNS THEM. It doesn’t blast them flying across the floor. Walls made out of stone do not explode when they are hit with fire. The fire may scorch stone. The fire may even diminish the structurally integrity after burning for a while. However, the fire doesn’t EXPLODE the walls!!!!

This is just some ridiculous nonsense bullshit invented by the CGI department. Wouldn’t it be cool of the castle exploded when the fire hit it? NO! IT WOULD BE STUPID. It’s a dragon not a fucking nuclear bomb.


Why would Dany bother burning the village when it just gave time for Cersei to run away?! There was no character build to this. It came out of nowhere. It was completely contradictory to her character.

How the fuck does the dragon just keep breathing fire? Does it run out of fire? Does it get tired? Is it a perpetual motion machine? Does it obey the 2nd law of thermodynamics? Am I taking crazy pills?!?

If Tyrion knew about the secret entrance to the Red Keep, why didn’t he just send a crack unit of unsullied that way to kill Cersei and save the whole city?!?

Did you see how the exit to the beach was filled with rocks? That’s not how any of that works. That’s not how physics works. That’s just a stupid plot device. It’s just stupid.

Did you see how Jamie took TWO knife stabs to the lungs and kept going? Yah, that’s not how any of that works. You die, that’s how that works.

Michael Bey Explodo-Porn

The reason we liked this show was because of the interactions between characters we got to know and love/hate. It was the interactions and the rich multi-dimensional world that kept our attention. The character arcs were incredibly rich. Remember when Arya and the Hound took 3 seasons to walk across Westeros? It took its time and we liked it that way. Remember the Red Wedding, where it went dark real quick and we were all shocked? Yeah, that was compelling TV.

This season has been one giant long FUCK YOU to all of that. It’s been explodo-porn. Just one explosion and killing after another. The little quiet scenes to “catch our breath” are horrible and contrived. Remember Arya tiptoeing in the library with zombies around her? WHAT THE FUCK?!

All of the explosions, I just don’t care. I don’t care at all. Why would they do this? It’s like they just gave up and gave the movie to Michael Bey.

Game of Thrones is dead to me

I would have watched the prequels, but now, no. Fuck You. I am so disappointed in the show. It ruined something good. Here is my list of great things that got turned into shit because of bad writing. This list is in order of most fucked up first:

  1. Godfather Part III. Oh my god, this was the worst.
  2. Star Wars 1,2,3. Jar Jar Binks and Midichlorians ruined my childhood.
  3. Game of Thrones Season 8. Fire doesn’t do that!
  4. West Wing Season 4+. Abduction of Zoe?! All shit after that.
  5. Fonzie waterskiing over a shark. The original.


On a scale of 1-10, how disappointed are you? What is your list of things that were ruined? Or maybe you are one of those upbeat people who always see the bright side of things? Good for you.


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