Air is Not Good Patrick!

In a SpongeBob Squarepants Episode, where SpongeBob meets Sandy, there is a scene where Sandy invites SpongeBob into her Air Dome. She mentions something about air. So SpongeBob asks his friend Patrick Star what it means. Patrick says, “It means she is stuck up. She puts on Airs. You can fit in, just lift your pinky finger in the air when you drink something.”

Anyway, SpongeBob goes in and, all the sudden, starts to dry out. He starts to get stressed, which turns into full panic. He screams, “Air is Not Good Patrick! Air is Not Good!”

This scene sticks in my mind very clearly, it strikes a chord. The stress he feels penetrates to me and makes me sick. Sometimes when I am stressed, I feel like SpongeBob. “Stress is not good Patrick! Stress is not good!”

Whether it is money concerns or child-rearing concerns or marital concerns or anything else, Stress hits us in a very sensitive place. Hands can shake uncontrollably. Attitudes change. The simplest of tasks becomes impossible. It is difficult to be the master of these feelings. Stress effects us all.

So Sandy noticed the problem and gave SpongeBob a helmet full of water. She is a good friend. If only a bowl full of water were the panacea for all of life’s tribulations. Wow, 50 cent sentence.

Whatya think?