Energy Bill Blows

The House of Representatives by a wide margin approved a mammoth energy plan for the nation Thursday that sends billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies to energy companies, but is expected to do little to reduce U.S. oil consumption or dampen high energy prices. – MSNBC

This bill will give huge tax breaks to already profitable companies. They will get a free ride, while our rides, our cars will pay the bill.

I read alot of History books and if there is one thing I am certain, it is that the powerful forces in this world will always protect their own interests over every other issue, moral, economic and political. The powerful want to stay that way. It has been true from the moment the world had powerful men and women.

This law stinks. It ruins the environment. It gives tons of cash to giant corporations that do not need the money. It does nothing to reduce our dependence on oil. And I, the taxpayer, has to foot the bill. And I, the driver, has to foot the bill at the pump. It blows. Plain and simple. It blows.

I wonder if we could harness the wind from the blowing of this Bill. And we could use that wind to create energy!

One reply on “Energy Bill Blows”

So what are you going to do about it? At least write a letter (don’t send an email). You could hope for change, but your precious Senate will never allow that. In fact, they are the ones behind the energy bill and homeland sucurity.

Whatya think?