Amazon Customer Experience

My netbook broke last week.  The video became garbled and would not display.  This happens to LCD screens if they are stepped on or dropped or other traumatic event.  Sometimes it just happens.  So my new Asus eeePC 1000HE was unusable. This was a real bummer, because I have been using it non-stop.  I had purchased the netbook 59 days before it stopped working.  What to do?

I tried looking around for a phone number or chat on Amazon.  I found a screen with information about returning a damaged called Problem with an Order?  This page forwarded me to the returns center.  There was a fairly simple form there.  I picked the item out of my account and wrote a brief email explaining what was wrong.

Katie then received this email.

I’m so sorry about the problem you had with your ASUS Eee PC.

I’ve placed a new order for you at no charge. Here are the details:

Order Number            : 103-#######-######
Shipping Speed          : One-Day Shipping
Estimated Delivery Date : April 22

[…return info omitted]

Best regards,

Jerline J
We’re Building Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company

Unexpected Wow!

No charge, no arguing, no non-sense.  That is just awesome.  This is why I like using  They don’t mess around.  Prices are great and the hassle is virtually eliminated.  This experience has made me more passionate about Amazon and a more loyal customer.

Technical details:  I just swapped the hard drive and the ram on the netbook and it loaded up instantly with no errors.  I had to re-activate Windows 7, but that worked without complaint.  Easiest replacement of a device ever.

Whatya think?