Plain Text in Outlook 2003/2007

It seems like Outlook 2003/2007 is doing something different than I expected.

I thought that by changing these settings, that I would be viewing the plain text version of the email I sent.  This is NOT the case.  Microsoft is basically just stripped the HTML off of the message letting me read what is left over, even though there is a very real Plain Text Mime Type.  Why in the world would they be doing this?  There is a legit plain text version, so why don’t they show it?

This is also making me wonder…Who REALLY gets the plain text versions of emails?  Does ANYONE get the real plain text version?  I know that SpamAssassin will ding you if you don’t have one, but what is the point?  It’s quite frustrating.  I really thought Outlook would show the text version.

Oh well, another one of my assumptions shot down.

Whatya think?