Amusing Lines

On NPR they had a story about Iraq. Here is the summary.
Outlawed under Saddam Hussein’s rule, a Shia custom that allows a man to marry a woman for a short period of time has become increasingly popular in Iraq since the American invasion. But critics say it’s nothing more than religiously sanctioned prostitution.

Amusing Line in the story (click listen to hear it):
The Shi’ite Muslim cleric Ali Sistani said you could find out more about the marriages on his website.

God bless the internet.

Ethan has a homework assignment. He needs to design and build a leprechaun trap. He has a profile of the little creatures. They are small, sneaky and do not follow rules.

So Katie was telling me about this and stressing out. I was on the shuttle with other people around talking on the cell phone. I said, “Why don’t you make a box with a stick and a string. The leprechaun goes under the box and you pull the string.” (Of course people were looking at me funny)

Amusing Line in the story:
Katie said, “That is a stupid idea! Do you think leprechaun’s are dumb? They will never go under the box!”

God bless Katie.

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