Prediction Results

Not bad, but not perfect. HSX got all of them right except Best Picture. It was funny too, because we had all but concluded that HSX was 100% accurate. Definetely need to figure out what happened. The good news was that I was planning on dong the dishes anyway to help out around the house. The bad news is that I will not be master of the universe.

I thought the show was good. John Stewart was funny. I liked George Clooney’s speech. I thought the speech by the president of the Academy was retarded. Basically, he was saying, Moviess Rock, DVD’s suck. The honest truth is: I don’t want to spend $10 per person on a movie. I am willing to spend $4 per person a movie. Can someone in the theatre industry get it through their skulls that I will buy $35 worth of garbage at the cocession stand if the tickets are reasonable, but I refuse to pay $10 for a movie ticket. Additionally, I am willing to spend $10 for opening night or for the best seats in the house. Othewrwise, $4.

I hope one day the theatres get this simple truth.

Whatya think?