Axure RP Revisited 2017

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Just for kicks, I downloaded Axure RP. I have been using Figma and thought, “I wonder how long it would take me to make this in Axure. 10 min later, I was giving it a try.

Meta Point
Whenever you are curious about something, just do it. Don’t wish for it, don’t hem and haw. Just follow Shia LeBeouf’s advice.

It’s amazing to me how many people think curious thoughts and then refuse to act upon them. OK, </soapBox>

Axure Review
Bottom line: Axure is by far the most flexible prototyping tool short of actually programming the UI. It is so ridiculously powerful that the limit is truly your imagination. <fullStop>

Design principle #3: Simple things should be simple and complex things should be possible.

Unfortunately, Axure does not follow this design principle. Everything is complicated. Everything.  The perfect use case for Axure is “Big company, lots of people, need to test the shit out of the UI”. For example let’s say you wanted to test the software that controls a big piece of medical equipment like a MRI machine. Axure is a great way to test a very realistic experience. The operator is likely NOT a designer. It’s probably a web developer taking designs and using Axure to turn them into a prototype.

If you are a SaaS designer, Axure is complete overkill. The learning curve is crazy high and the usage is quite clunky. Here is an example modal of making an interaction or as they call it a “case”.

That’s alot of stuff to look at. The main screen is pretty intense as well.

I finished my evaluation in about 20 minutes. I am uninstalling it, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s bad. It’s actually quite good for a different person in a different case. (Web developer in a big company that needs to heavily test).

I would suggest to them that an information architecture and graphic design update is needed. No one should use Arial…ever. Other than that, they could redesign the tool from the ground up for a more designer friendly case. Either way, they have not innovated since I reviewed Axure in 2010.

Maybe I’ll give it another try in 2023.


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