Top Gun Revisited

I haven’t watched Top Gun in decades, but I just watched it again. Its such a classic. However, I have a major complaint.

Goose dies and they send him back up with a new partner. The partner yells at him and he loses his temper. Viper says, “Its only been a few days.” WHAT?? They sent him back up literally a few days later? He doesn’t get to mourn the loss of his best friend?? What kind of sick shit is this? Goose’s wife says “He loved flying with you but he would have flown anyway.” Then Charlie (the girl) finds him in a bar and basically calls him a loser and a quitter. His best friend just fucking died a few days ago, give him a break for crying out loud! Why are they rushing a grieving man to be in a multimillion dollar aircraft?

Ok, so he goes to graduation and they say there is an emergency. They call Mavericks name. WHAT?? Why would they call his name? He said he can’t fly. He proved he can’t fly. His best friend (have I mentioned this yet) JUST DIED!!

Then they go back to the original ship in the beginning of the movie. Ok that is dumb, but whatever. And the bad guys wait until the Top Gun team get there (halfway around the world) before having a firefight. Ok, that doesn’t make sense either, but whatever.

When I watched this as a kid, I loved this movie. Why didn’t I ever notice this before? Such a classic movie, but give the guy at least a week to grieve.

Talk to me Goose. Talk to me.

Last thing, near the end “launch Willard and Simpkin!” Are those their call signs?? Im Iceman, Im Maverick. I’m Willard! What the hell? How didn’t I see this before?

Come on Goose. Talk to me.

Whatya think?