Bapu was right, I was wrong

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Matt has been getting better and better at crawling. On January 17, Bapu said that Matt would be pulling himself up to standing in four weeks.

Well, its about 4 weeks later, and he crawled over to the bath tub and pulled himself up to standing.

Bapu was right. I was wrong. I am sorry I insinuated that he was on crack. He is not nor has ever been, on crack.

I haven’t told him yet and he doesn’t read this. I wonder if I should. I don’t want him to say, “Told you so” in person. I would rather he blogged it.


  1. Dad smokes crack???
    Matthew is brilliant! Isn’t this very young to be standing? You stood at 9 months and I thought that I should notify Ripley’s.
    Yo Momma

  2. Congratulations Matt! Your were on your way at my house when you tried to pull yourself up at the box with the toys. You didn’t quite make it. But your brothers in the tub–clearly more enticing!

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