Hunter S. Thompson

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Hunter Thompson commited suicide yesterday. I don’t know why. Here is a nice rememberance by John Dvorak. I like him.

It’s a long weekend. President’s Day. I am getting alot done. Cleaning, Burning CD’s for people. Im going to go bike riding with Jared shortly. Today is a nice day.

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  1. I was Hunter Thompson once for Holloween, it was fun, but I told think I did a very good impersonation. I think he would have thought I was a complete idiot was wanted to be like him. Anyway, I thought he was a very good author and really enjoyed “fear and loathing” (after reading the book, the movie was even more interesting). Most writers try to create fiction, while he got a first hand perspective of the adventure first. In the end, he became obsessed with guns, which I believe distracted him from creating anything new. I am very surprised that he committed suicide, I would have thought that he would done something more dramatic. I guess his demons were too much; yes, it must have been the god-damn demons; demons and bats everywhere.

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