Barack Obama Wins!

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Yay for Barack Obama!  The first Hawaian in the White House.  I am extremely pleased.  Did you know I predicted Biden would go for president in 2008.  I predicted it in 2004!!!  Who is the man?!

Yet, lots of other things did not go so well.  That horrible woman Bachmann won who said that Obama was un-american and that we need to bring back McCarthyism.  Ted Stevens, the Alaska felon, might win. (He is winning, but its a recount)  How the heck did that happen??  (He might be a felon, but he is our corrupt felon and he brings home the earmarks!)

Proposition 8 may pass, which I think is a real shame. ¬†It’s just so riddiculous. ¬†Why should straight couples care whether some stranger calls themselves married or not? ¬†Ugh, its pathetic.

The chickens won their rights, but most other things lost.  Energy, Police.  The veterans got some money and a rail between SF and LA passed.  That confuses me.  Who needs a that?  Is it really that important?  boggle.

And what about Al Franken!?  He is down 500 votes out of 2 million?  Come on Al!  Good luck on the recount.

The web was very helpful during the election. ¬†We used NYTimes, CNN, Yahoo and MSNBC. ¬†They had great information with great user interfaces. ¬†It didn’t make them any money (investing in those RIA projects) but it sure was fun to use.

So it was a good day overall.  The next two supreme court justices will be progressives.  We will have a new energy bill.  We might even get out of Iraq.

Good Luck Barack.  We support our president.

And give Joe Biden something important to do.  He deserves it.


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  1. The question becomes, “is change possible?”. Sure he can modify the tax rate, but is going to raise taxes enough to make compare at least equally with other countries (as a percent of our GDP, the US taxes a tremendously small amount compared to almost every other first world country). Maybe than we could make health care, college, and employment training free for everyone. The US spends $50 of its discretionary money on the military, but on Health and Human Services 6%, Education 5%, Department of Energy 2%, Department of Justice 2%, EPA 1%. We spend 10 times as much on the military (not even including the wars) than on education. We spend 10X more money on the military than China. Is this going to change? Are we going to mandate environmental changes now? Can these types of changes ever be implemented, even with a majority in both houses. We know Obama can he wants change, but is it possible. I say that he won’t even try. There is too much pressure on him and he will be conservative in choosing what he wants to focus on. This is not the change that people want. But it will still be an improvement and progress, but not true change.

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