Ever since Shaq entered the league, I have hated basketball. It was all bump, bump, slam. The post was the worst play in the world. It was boring. What happened to the no-look pass? What happened to the 3-point shot? What happened to faked him out of his shoes that Michael Jordan made famous?

Well, I am here to say, Steve Nash is the second coming of basketball. He is fun to watch. I love watching the whole suns team. He PASSES the ball. He dribbled between his legs. He is smooth and fast. All of the sudden I am seeing athetes, not pituitary giants. Thank god. Finally!

So I am officially interested in basketball. I guess I am a Suns fan, but not seriously. It’s a casual thing. Don’t worry Jets, I promise I will never really love another team. I love you Jets. Hugs and Kisses. Why don’t you love me back? Bastards.

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The last few years have seen a major shift in the NBA (except the knicks, who are the worst to watch and had the 2nd worst record in the league). It all starts with Lebron James who is simple amazing to watch. I DVR his games and fast foward past the times when his team is on defense. He is like nash except that he dunks like domonique wilkins. Passes like magic, drives like jordan, attacks the rim like barkley, and plays defence like me. And his supporting cast is horrible, neverless he took the cavs to the playoffs, one in the first round and are about to beat the eastern conference champion in the next round. He is really that good. But besides Lebron, there is Nash (who is fun to watch but horrible overrated (last year, when he won the MVP, he was the third best player on his own team)), Dwayne Wade, Tracy McGrady, Micheal Redd, Allen Iverson (the best 58″ player ever), and a host of other young players that are fun to watch. Also, the NBA changes the rules so that its harder to play defense and you can’t knock people over. Of course, you have to accept that there is no traveling, just accept it. It also helps that all the teams get to get rid of there most boring overpaid players by trading them to the knicks.

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