Just Jared 2020

My 17 year old son just released his first album on Spotify. He gets paid a fraction of a penny for every stream, so if everyone listens 20 times, it may pay for 12 minutes of college. Just Jared – Self Titled, 2020 My Review The album is really eclectic with a variety of musical…Continue readingJust Jared 2020

Bathroom Remodel

We recently embarked upon a bathroom upgrade. We had never done something like this before. Certainly, we learned some lessons. In the end, I give us a B+. Here are the lessons and story of the project. Problem and Floor Plans We are actually remodeling two bathrooms. The kids bathroom was too big and the…Continue readingBathroom Remodel

Washington DC for an 18 year old

Calling people with experience in Washington DC! My eldest son, Ethan, is entering his first year of college at American University. He is new to Washington DC, new to college, new to life outside the nest. Although his major will be political science, he is interested in a little bit of everything. If you are…Continue readingWashington DC for an 18 year old

London Trip 2018

My youngest son and I just returned from visiting London for a week. Here are a few thoughts and highlights: Money Apparently, everyone in London takes credit card. We didn’t find one thing that required cash. Next time, I won’t bother with Pounds and instead just use Mastercard on my Google Pay phone. One interesting…Continue readingLondon Trip 2018

Two Ukulele Songs

Cute 4 year old My son Matthew at 4 years old Clearly, 4 years old is your maximum cuteness level.Continue readingTwo Ukulele Songs

Rockband 2 – Jared 8yrs old

This is The Trees by Rush on Rockband 2 with Jared (8 yrs old) on drums.  Expert mode means that he is required to hit the drums exactly the same frequency as the real drummer Neil Peart.  He doesn’t get it perfect at all (89% accuracy), but still I am really impressed. He is just getting…Continue readingRockband 2 – Jared 8yrs old

Ethan – School President

A non-UX post.  One of my kids, Ethan, ran for Student Body President of his elementary school.  He was up against a dozen other kids.  I don’t know the vote tallies, but I will just assume it was a victorious landslide!  (Why not?) He said, when he heard the news that he won, it hit…Continue readingEthan – School President

Kids are Exhausting

With Katie on the roadtrip with Ethan, that leaves me alone with the other 2.  Man, they are flat out exhausting.  It’s one thing after another.  Drive here, pick up that thing, drop off that other thing, feed, clean, drive to that other thing, rinse, repeat.  How the hell does Katie do this each day?…Continue readingKids are Exhausting

The UX of my Lake Tahoe Trip

The last 5 days I have been on a family trip to Lake Tahoe.  We stayed in a cabin with about 15 other people.  Some of them were family, some of them were friends of family. When going on a trip, what you are really buying are interesting memories.  You want to remember specific things…Continue readingThe UX of my Lake Tahoe Trip

Ethan’s Art (3rd Grade)

I had referenced this piece of art in a previous post.  I scanned it in. It’s a little hard to tell, but the layers are made out of tissue paper.  There is a third wave of waves that is faint in the picture.  It looks best on a window with natural light coming through.  Anyway,…Continue readingEthan’s Art (3rd Grade)