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My 17 year old son just released his first album on Spotify. He gets paid a fraction of a penny for every stream, so if everyone listens 20 times, it may pay for 12 minutes of college.

Just Jared – Self Titled, 2020

My Review

The album is really eclectic with a variety of musical genres-influences. Some of the songs are just mood music, some are rock, some are electronica. It’s an interesting blend. I love Brian’s Second Favorite Garbage Truck and Now That’s Just Silly. Those songs get stuck in my head.

Jared wrote the songs, sang the lyrics, played the drums, guitar, keyboard, and bass. He recorded the songs in a converted shed in our backyard. He purchased and arranged all of the equipment. Finally, Jared mixed the songs using Apple Logic X. In short, he named the album Just Jared because he wanted to see if he could do it all himself.

Any first album is going to have rough edges, but I am amazed at how it came together. I am excited to see future songs. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Jared’s Story

Note: Jared’s brothers are also very musical, but this particular post is just about Jared, in honor of his Spotify album. I love all of them equally!!!

Parent disclaimer

In 2009, we bought Rock Band 2 for the kids for Christmas. It came with a plastic guitar and a plastic drum kit. We all tried to play it, but Jared learned the drums just a little faster than the rest of us. He was 8 years old when I started taking videos of him playing the kit. I had to replace the plastic kit several times. He just tore right through them.

He started getting the music bug, so I researched and found a local music school called School of Rock. I also purchased a used drum kit for Jared. Jared’s brothers also attended School of Rock playing guitar, keyboards, and singing. I used to attend their rehearsals and I have to say, it was the best part of my week. I loved every second of it. The musical director, Aldo Noboa, was a terrific, albeit tough, teacher.

Jared met collaborators there, whom he still plays with to this day, including Charlie Dowden and Ethan Labouisse. They play alot of progressive rock with a variety of influences.

Next year, Jared is going to attend college and major in Music. I’m glad that music has become his career choice and I think he will be quite good at it. Hopefully, he can support himself while being creative and productive.

I am leaving out a ton of detail, but I don’t want to drone on forever. Obviously, I am biased. Please take a listen and see if you like any of the songs. His website is http://jaredlipka.com

Rock on!

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