Between Silk and Cyanide

Bill Johnston just lent me this book. It’s an autobiography of a cryptographer for the English during World War II. Very well written. I find that an autobiography gets an extra star the same way a singer/songwriter gets bonus points versus singers who don’t write.

Ethan whacked his mouth on the coffee table by accident while trying to hug Matthew. He actually hit his lip and tooth, and I am worried he might lose the tooth. He has a fat lip. When I saw it, Katie pointed at him and laughed, saying, “Fat Head! Fat Head! Ethan is a Fat Head! HA HA HA HA HA” Ok, well that isn’t exactly what happened. (Love you honey! heh. uhh.) No really, Im kidding. Damnit, where is the delete button? Help!

Anyway, they love the new bunkbeds. I remember sleeping in them when I was a kid. And Uncle Daniel. Time flies, I guess.

One reply on “Between Silk and Cyanide”

I always thought the bunkbeds were for if my evil twin brother ever returned home. My brother and sister each had their own room, why did I have a bunkbed. Whose decision was this? DId they say, “well maybe one day Glen (maybe 12 at the time) will grow up and have three kids within 5 years and will need someplace to store them. Better just get the bunkbed now.

I wonder if kids in California hate bunkbeds becuase during an earthquake whoever was on top might fall off. Perhaps that is the original of the word “bunk”.

Whatya think?